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What Every Network Marketer Needs to Know about truly making it in this industry online!

Hello my friend and welcome, today is a very special day because I am going to break down a simple technique that every network marketer needs to know about truly making it online in today’s world of MLM and Network marketing. This is especially true if you are doing your business online and trusting the internet to be your way of gathering new prospects.

Generic/Attraction Marketing is the key:

Now lets break this down so that you can fully understand what I mean.

When and if you are marketing your primary business online… especially if it’s a niche business like Coffee or Juice or Pills, Potions and lotions, you are categorizing your market and your traffic will be very small. The reason being is because people looking for any niche market are going online and typing in for example: Coffee business, or Juice business into google right? and they may possibly find your website if you are optimizing it or doing some sort of PPC campaign with Google or Yahoo. This is absolutely bad. Don’t worry I used to do the same thing and today I am going to show you what I and the top earners online are doing to explode the traffic and build massive amounts of leads and relationships that WILL POTENTIALLY BE IN YOUR BUSINESS… You just have to do it the right way. OK?

Your first lesson:

The number one key fact in this industry is to build a list of qualified people that are actually finding you and giving you their information. So what is the best and only way to do this?

You MUST have a GENERIC capture page online so that you can target not just one niche group of searchers but you can target everyone. Let me give you and example: For instance if you lead with a capture online that is offering VALUE or TRAINING for instance, then you have just opened up yourself to the entire industry of network marketers that are online and actively searching for ways to build their business. So lets say for example that you have a lead net pro capture page ( this is one strategy that I use). Well I can’t think of anything more valuable to offer other network marketers than a tool that generates thousands of leads at the push of a button, not to mention that it comes with a platform that you can contact them all within minutes of generating the lead. Now you have just offered value to many different network marketers no matter what company they are in, WITHOUT PITCHING YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS. Notice that doing it this way, everyone is a prospect and you are able to contact and build a list of hundreds if not thousands of people in this industry that you now have on your list and can contact them about your business by simply sending them an email and inviting them to an online webinar or conference call. You now have potential prospects for your business that actually came to your website ( YOUR GENERIC WEBSITE) and put their information in and asked you to show them your training or your tools that they need to build THEIR BUSINESS.

SO what have we really done here, we have put ourselves into the mentor group or online trainer group… or just simply in the tool business all at the same time of building that primary MLM company that you are so passionate about right? the best part is that when you offer people things of value like lead net pro, you not only gain a new prospect for your list to contact about your business at a later time. You also have the potential of earning a $300 dollar commission from that prospect without ever opening your mouth about your business. Pretty cool huh?

This is what really opened my eyes about the online industry and when I started leading with a generic capture page that offered either a tool or training… YOU KNOW! something completely unrelated to my niche business, then I was able to contact and build relationships with thousands of people and not actually annoy them by saying, ” Hey Bob my business is better than your business why don’t you come and check it out. NO NO NO

We have to stop leading off with our business. I mean when your dating your wife or potential wife. Do you ask her to marry you on the first day? of course not. So why should it be any different than building a business. It’s all about relationships and it’s always BEEN about relationships in this industry. If you gain a prospects trust first by offering them something they need at the present time, other than trying to recruit them into your business first, you will gain a true sense of respect from your prospect and you will bring many of your prospects into your primary business later on because you took the time to give them real value of something they needed and wanted at the present time. Then you can sponsor as many people as you want because you have lead in the right way and your prospect has been introduced to you as a leader and someone that can show them how to build THEIR business better.

So in closing if your serious about building your network marketing company, then you have to have a system online that will capture many prospects from many different companies. Remember these are the best prospects to have because they are already sold on the industry and are just looking for a better way. So why don’t you be that person and make it happen for them, at the same time you can make a killing selling them things they need that will help them build their business. Once again by doing it this way you have now positioned yourself as a leader and not just another MLMer that is trying to recruit them into your business. Remember they already have a business that they are trying to build, so by you pitching them another network marketing business it just doesn’t make sense. They are already trying to build a mult person organization and this just usually turns people off especially when they have not even gotten a chance to know you yet.

Trust me on this and you will be leagues ahead of your competition

IIf you have not gotten a chance to pick your lead net pro software, I suggest that you do it right away because your competition already has it:)

Do You Want To Be A Top Earner and Stand On A Vegas Stage?

Hello my friends out there in internet land, I wanted to shoot this quick blog post because I was very excited about being flown to Vegas first class and standing on stage to give my personal story of being a top earner in this industry. I love to help others achieve the same success, and I hope that you find this video very enlightening to your success as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any help or if you want to work with me personally my door is always open to you… See you at the top!

If you have any questions give me a call at 330-563-4261

Have a blessed weekend

Visalus is a phenominal company

I wanted to write this article about Visalus from a unbiased stand point because I am not a distributor but have been approached several times about the company. So I have done explicit research and if I was going to join another MLM Company it would probably be Visalus.

Generate 40 Targeted Leads for you Visalus Business on complete auto pilot and dominate your company

I am going to break things down pretty simple here and talk about the pros and cons of Visalus so I can give you the reader the best information possible so you can make a good and informed decision. First off lets talk about their product. They have the body by Vi Challenge and it has been so successful, here is a quote from the founders of the company.

ViSalus Sciences┬« is committed to offering the highest quality, cutting-edge health and wellness products, delivered with the assurance to uphold maximum safety and quality standards. We believe that science and research are the foundation on which we can satisfy our consumers’ needs for better nutrition.. It’s become clear to me that Visalus has amazing products and they are priced very well too. One of the biggest attractions in the health and wellness industry is a good weight loss product ( considering over 50% of americans are overweight) so they definately have market appeal.

Lets talk about one of the most unique things about Visalus and that is their amazing REFER 3 and yours if FREE program… They are the only company in the industry that has been able to pull this off successfully even though many company’s have tried. The biggest problem in the MLM industry is attrition. So when you find a company that allows the average person to only get 3 customers and that eliminates their auto ship, you have something very special.

Ok lastly I want to talk about one of my favorite parts of the program and that is the BMW program. if you get 12,500 dollars in point volume with the company you earn a black BMW. I think this is one of the best marketing strategies that a company has ever done to attract the masses to their company. I would like to add one little detail that most people will never tell you about the company. If you actually earn the BMW, you have to maintain the point volume or you are stuck with a Car that maybe you cannot pay for. That is the only downside that I see.

The biggest problem with most distributors in Visalus or any company for that matter, is Lack of leads and lack of cash flow. If you want to learn how to generate massive leads for your Visalus business then you will need to learn how to attract the right people instead of chasing your friends and family around. I teach online marketing and lead generation that if you learn my techniques you will sponsor 50% of the people that you come into contact with.

Overall I believe that Visalus is a great company, but you have to be able to build a substantial team to earn any significant monies with the company. I can show you how to do that with my FREE Training

Generate 40 Targeted Leads for you Visalus Business on complete auto pilot and dominate your company

My Beautiful Baby Boy Cameron David

Hello, my friends I just wanted to send out a quick blog post on my New Baby Boy that was born on September 1st at 10:07 am, weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces. I am now the proud father of 3 beautiful children. It brings me to really appreciate the power of this business and the fact that I got my little guys right here in my home office. I get to raise them and it’s all because of this industry. If you are wanting to have the time freedom like this and be able to stay home with your kids I want to encourage you that it’s absolutely possible. Keep believing and have the vision and actually be able to see it happen for yourself. Make sure to attend my live Webinars on Tuesday night to discover our simple 3 step system that my partner and I have created that is literally teaching hundreds of people how to stay at home with their kids and live the life that they truly want.

I think he is beautful… Have a blessed day

Jeremy Barnett

Is LifeVantage a Great Opportunity?

Lifevantage is a good opportunity for anyone that is willing to take it serious. I am not a distributor so what I say is completely unbiased and is just coming from a neutral standpoint. One of the things that caught my eye about Lifevantage was the fact that it’s a publicly traded company. Most companies today are not publicly traded that are in the MLM or network marketing realm. So that to me was very impressive. LifeVantage has a lot of media buzz being featured on shows like ABC and PBS. I feel that the company has a tremendous product that deals with anti aging in the body with their core flagship product Protandim.

They also market an anti-aging skin crme but there is no clinical evidence that topical application of the Protandim incredients has any effect on the skin. This topical cream is called TrueScience.
Ok so lets talk about compensation. When joining any MLM Company the first thing that you need to consider is how much money can you make based on your efforts. I am a huge fan of Network marketing and to be honest all of the compensation plans are the same in a round about way. You basically average around a 50 to 60% payout whether it be a binary or a matrix or a unilevel. Their higher end package is $600.00 and you are encouraged to at least be on a $110.00 monthly autoship. That also ranges up to around $300.00. The problem with a company like this is that most people if they are not at least covering their autoship then your retention of maintaining your customers, and or downline distributors is around 90 days. Don’t kill the messenger… that is just the industry standard.
LifeVantage is a great opportunity. They have reputable products that work, a decent compensation plan ( you can make money with this company) but the problem that most people face is lack of leads and lack of cash flow to get Lifevantage off the ground. It is absolutely imperative if you are going to succeed in Lifevantage that you have a never ending flow of targeted prospects that are looking to get involved with the company.

Generate 40+ LifeVantage Leads For Free By Clicking Here

Needless to say anyone can be successful with LifeVantage when they utilize the proper marketing techniques. Remember there is enough interested people in this world for you to build a strong LifeVantage Business… You just have to be able to reach out and find the right people.

Learn How To Generate Targeted Leads For LifeVantage Free

Warp Speed Webinar last night was awesome

Hey guys if you missed the last night’s webinar that we had on how on “Why aren’t you making 10k per month in your business?” Then you really missed out on some valuable training that we gave on how to make this happen as quickly as possible using a simple 3 step system that I created to totally explode your business… Make sure you watch the webinar and get back to me… because we gave away some bonuses last night that you will not want to miss out on and it closes on Sunday…. So make sure that you watch the recorded webinar and stay till the end so you can see the $500.00 dollars in FREE BONUSES we gave away…. go here now and watch the lastest webinar:) see you soon

Jeremy Barnett

Video Marketing is so powerful!!

Hey everyone just wanted to shoot out a quick hello and let you know that if you have not started doing video marketing then you are missing out on a powerful strategy and probably the BEST way to brand yourself online today… I wanted to let you know that I use the Flip video camera…. It’s so user friendly and you just click the little red button and your recording.

After you have finished recording your little masterpiece you can just click upload right to Youtube and there you have it, your very own video that brands you and whatever you are talking about. Make sure to talk about value and things that have helped you in the industry… people love to get tips and tricks from other people. We are all people helping people achieve our dreams through online marketing…

Hope this helps you

Jeremy Barnett

Article Marketing is the hidden strategy of top marketers

Hello my friends, I have been studying this hidden strategy and I got to tell you, if you want a lot of targeted FREE Traffic… then you need to start writing articles of great content and start submitting them to different article directories.

I have a few friends that I work with that have been utilizing this strategy and it’s the perfect and actually it’s the best traffic you can get. It just takes awhile for google to pick it up in the search engines…. but look at it like this, in 90 days of consistent effort… you could be generating 50 free leads of targeted prospects to your website.

Just a tip

More on this later

Jeremy Barnett

Life of a Free Man From The Bondages of the 9 to 5

Hello everyone just was sitting here thinking about how thankful I am about being able to stay home with my kids and not have to do the 9 to 5 regular rat race like so many people have to… It is my mission and goal to change that for anyone that wants it. I am so sick and tired of this industry not working for so many people and It is my mission in 2010 to bless and help as many people as I can to become successful in this industry. I struggled for so many years until I finally figured out what I was doing wrong… You know folks the internet has changed our industry in so many ways… it’s time to stop being scared of it and embrace it… You can do anything that you put your mind to, and what makes the internet so much better for your business is that you can be doing business presentations while you are sleeping:)

I am looking forward to working with you down the road

Check out the All Star Marketing System This has really changed the way I do things and has just ramped up my success.

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