I am privilidged to be involved in a huge varitey of musical activities, each one allowing me a different avenue for creative output and collaboration.



My earliest experience as a musician was as a drummer and the improvisatory spirit that goes with that - the desire to sit at an instrument and just play - has never left me. Nowadays I improvise as a soloist, primarily playing tuned percussion and electronics, and as a chamber musician.


Recent performances have included marimba/violin duets with Natalie Calma at the New England Conservatory, and solo and chamber performances with the Equilibirum Concert Series in Boston


I have always been jealous of electric guitarists and how they can use effects to create any sound they want with a single insturment. In that spirit, I work extensively with both electro-acoustic and completely electronic setups. In this relm my primary tools are the MalletKAT, Ableton LIVE software and (msot recently), the TouchAble iPad app.


While I incorporate these tools into many different activities, I am currently working on an evening length show for electronic percussion and video. 


I have been fortunate in London to work at the London Contemporary Dance School, providing percussion accompaniment for both Contemporary and Ballet classes. This is an incredibly rewarding role as it requires excellent musicianship, combined with creativity and improvisation. And a sense of humour.

Boston Percussion Group

The percussion ensemble is a a unique and satisfying beast, and while in Boston I was lucky enough to be a member of the Boston Percussion Group (BPeG). As well as performing all over the north-east of the USA, I wrote numerous pieces for the group, as well as provided many arrangements. We played a huge variety of music, from the pillars of the contemporary repertoire through to light 'pops' style arrangements. See BPeG's website for more details.