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I have taught drum kit and percussion for over 25 years and in that time have helped students through university auditions, graded exams, competitions, and gaining places in national youth orchestras.

I teach all levels of student on drum kit, tuned and orchestral percussion, and focus on understanding and implementing correct technique while exploring music and styles. I aim to show each student a way to find their own musical identity as well as how to achieve the most from learning a musical instrument. Above all I want to share the joy of music making and inspire students to find a passion for music.

Currently I am a Visiting Music Teacher at Ardingly College and Lingfield College.

Currently I have a waiting list for private lessons my home studio in New Malden, South-West London. Contact me HERE for all enquiries

Head across to my Student Resources page for loads of free lessons and downloads.

Rudimental Rundown

Learning and Applying the Standard Rudiments for Drum Kit

I am proud to announce the release of my first book!

Inspired by over 20 years of teaching, this is a must-have collection of technique builders and rudimental applications for every drummer. The book provides a step by step progression through all the major rudiments - providing basic exercises to help master each rudiment and then a set of practical applications on the drum kit.


Sections in ‘Rudimental Rundown’ include Single Strokes, Double Strokes, Paradiddles, Flams, Drags, and all combination rudiments. There is a detailed look at buzz stroke and double stroke technique, as well as a set of essential warm up exercises to use every day.

This book is also designed to be the perfect partner for students undertaking graded drum kit exams that include a technical component. Students learn how to prepare each rudiment and then apply them on the drums in the manner and difficulty required for each grade.

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