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Rudimental Rundown (Digital Edition)

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Inspired by over 20 years of teaching, this is a must-have collection of technique builders and rudimental applications for every drummer. The book provides a step by step progression through all the major rudiments - providing basic exercises to help master each rudiment and then a set of practical applications on the drum kit.

Sections in ‘Rudimental Rundown’ include Single Strokes, Double Strokes, Paradiddles, Flams, Drags, and all combination rudiments. There is a detailed look at buzz stroke and double stroke technique, as well as a set of essential warm up exercises to use every day.

This book is also designed to be the perfect partner for students undertaking graded drum kit exams that include a technical component. Students learn how to prepare each rudiment and then apply them on the drums in the manner and difficulty required for each grade.

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